est. 1937

Milestones Ranch Malibu Grant Gerson interview

The Calamigos Star C emerged as the premier location for wellness and healing in the growing town of Malibu.

Grant and Helen Walter Gerson foresaw their unique opportunity to immerse and expose guests to an untouched, and elegantly rustic lifestyle that they both loved and lived.

Gerson family old photo
Historical photo of Calamigos Ranch
Gerson family old photo
Gerson family
Fueled by their family's desire to share their unique corner of Malibu, THEIR SON Glen and HIS WIFE Mon-Li Gerson began creating, restoring, and building.

Their efforts have now resulted in the premier special events location in Southern California. They are proud to invite you to a different time, and an all but forgotten lifestyle of quiet elegance, and unparalleled natural beauty.

As the setting for your next special event, the Gerson Family shares with you over 80 years of hospitality.

Gerson old photo
Gerson family old photo
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